Boost Your Career With Byju’s As A Byjus Business Developer Associate In 2023


Are you looking to embark on a rewarding career in business development? Join Byju’s, a leading Indian multinational educational technology company, as a Business Development Associate. This article provides an overview of the role, highlights the key skills required, and sheds light on the impressive growth of Byju’s in the education industry.

Job Description: Business Development Associate (BDA)

As a Business Development Associate at Byju’s, you will play a crucial role in driving the company’s growth and expanding its reach. This is an individual contributor role that requires you to thrive in an employee-oriented, high-performance environment. Your primary responsibility will be to promote and spread awareness about Byju’s innovative learning solutions in a unique and impactful way.


7.5-8.5 Lacs P.A. (Including Variable: 35.5%) as of 2023

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Job LocationPatnaBangalore RuralRanchi

Industry Type: E-Learning / EdTech

Byju’s operates in the E-Learning and EdTech industry, leveraging technology to revolutionize education and empower students. As a Business Development Associate, you will be a part of this dynamic industry, contributing to the transformation of traditional learning methods and embracing the digital future of education.

Department: Sales & Business Development

Joining Byju’s as a Business Development Associate means becoming a part of the Sales & Business Development department. You will collaborate with a team of passionate professionals dedicated to driving sales, forging strategic partnerships, and expanding the company’s market presence.

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent

Byju’s offers full-time, permanent employment opportunities for Business Development Associates. This commitment to providing stable and long-term career prospects ensures that you can build a successful career while contributing to the growth of the organization.

Role Category: BD / Pre Sales

As a Business Development Associate, your role falls under the BD / Pre Sales category. This involves engaging with potential clients, understanding their needs, and presenting Byju’s solutions in a persuasive and compelling manner. Your ability to effectively communicate and build relationships will be instrumental in achieving sales targets.

Education Requirements

Education Requirements

To be eligible for the role of Business Development Associate at Byju’s, you should meet the following educational criteria:

  • UG: Any Graduate
  • PG: Any Postgraduate

Skill Required

To excel in the role of a Business Development Associate, certain key skills are highly desirable. These skills include:

  1. Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills are essential for engaging with clients, delivering impactful presentations, and building lasting relationships.
  2. Presentation Skills: The ability to deliver engaging and persuasive presentations is crucial in showcasing the unique value proposition of Byju’s educational solutions.
  3. Cold Calling: Proactively reaching out to potential clients via cold calls requires confidence, resilience, and the ability to articulate the benefits of Byju’s products effectively.
  4. Inside Sales: Proficiency in inside sales techniques enables you to identify potential leads, nurture customer relationships, and close deals successfully.

About Byju’s

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Bangalore, Byju’s has emerged as a prominent player in the educational technology space. The company has a strong foothold in the market, with over 115 million registered students and a valuation of US$22 billion as of March 2022. Byju’s continues to transform education through its innovative learning solutions and commitment to empowering students across the globe.


Join Byju’s as a Business Development Associate and embark on an exciting career journey in the fast-growing field of educational technology. With a focus on individual contributions and a supportive work environment, Byju’s offers you the opportunity to make a significant impact while advancing your professional growth. Develop your skills, leverage cutting-edge technology, and contribute to the future of education with Byju’s, a leader in the E-Learning.

Expanding Reach and Impact: Byju’s Success Story

Byju’s has experienced remarkable success and growth since its inception. With its headquarters in Bangalore, India, the company has become a pioneer in the field of educational technology. By leveraging innovative teaching methods and advanced technology, Byju’s has transformed the way students learn and has made education more engaging and accessible.

Revolutionizing Education with Technology

Byju’s stands at the forefront of the digital revolution in education. Through its user-friendly mobile application and online learning platform, the company provides interactive and personalized learning experiences to students of all ages. By blending curriculum-based content with engaging videos, interactive quizzes, and real-life examples, Byju’s makes learning enjoyable and effective.

Making Learning Accessible to Millions

One of Byju’s remarkable achievements is its vast user base of over 115 million registered students. By providing high-quality educational resources in a digital format, Byju’s has reached students from various corners of the world, transcending geographical barriers and making learning accessible to millions. This widespread impact has solidified Byju’s position as a leader in the education technology industry.

Join a Dynamic and Employee-Oriented Environment

Byju’s offers a stimulating and employee-oriented work environment that encourages growth, innovation, and collaboration. As a Business Development Associate, you will be part of a dynamic team that values your contributions and supports your professional development. Byju’s prioritizes employee well-being and provides a platform for you to unleash your potential and achieve your career aspirations.

Building a Rewarding Career with Byju’s

Joining Byju’s as a Business Development Associate opens doors to a promising and rewarding career. As you contribute to the company’s growth and success, you will have ample opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Byju’s invests in its employees through comprehensive training programs, mentoring initiatives, and skill development workshops, ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in your role.

Conclusion: Take the Leap with Byju’s

If you are passionate about education, technology, and making a difference in the lives of students, a career as a Business Development Associate at Byju’s is your gateway to success. Byju’s offers a unique and exciting work environment where you can channel your skills and expertise to create a positive impact. Join the leading educational technology company, embrace innovation, and shape the future of learning with Byju’s.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Take the leap and become a Business Development Associate at Byju’s today. Your journey towards a fulfilling and impactful career starts here.

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